Natural horse grooming, care & washing products, developed by experts with over 10 years of experience in collaboration with equestrians who know what is needed to fulfill the daily challenges of horse grooming and care.
“Excellent products…Top Quality, Simply the best in horse care …”


Majesticq research team has spent years to create the right formulas for Horse care products. And as horse-enthusiasts, we sourced the best ingredients for our products and did not spare any effort to come up with the right formulas to give the best to our horses.
Only the best natural produced quality products

Majesticq Shampoo

Majesticq Antimicrobial shampoo is fast-acting and kills known micro-organisms within seconds of contact. The shampoo is powerful but gentle to the horse’s skin.

A brand you can trust for your horse care products

Best quality oils for hoof health and shine.

Hoof Care Products

Majesticq Hoof care products increases hoof strength and keeps the hoof wall, sole and heel supple and healthy.