Al Hanan Ind. LLC offers a variety of Cosmeticq products, which suit every customer needs.
We serve the retail Consumer market as well as the wholesale Business verticals: Hotels,
SPAs, Health Clubs, Grooming Salons, and the likes.

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Our Story

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Values

Our Team

Our Story

Al HANAN About Vision


Apply our deep understanding of the fragile ecosystem to develop innovative natural products to meet dynamic market needs with utmost respect for the environment and preserving the planet for future generations.


Develop the highest performing natural products for personal care, home care, horse, and pet’s care.

Use natural ingredients to develop superior products that meet and exceed customer expectations and become the supplier of choice for our business partners.

We ensure a long-lasting and sustainable business environment for our customers, suppliers and employees where financial resources are enablers, not a goal.

Al HANAN About Mission
About Values


We employ our vast experience in herbal, natural ingredients, and traditional recipes to develop superior natural products.
We employ the highest quality standards starting from the very early stages of our products’ development, adding rigid controls at each phase of the development.
Our clients are at the center of our business, and we strive to serve them a second to none experience through an everlasting relationship. their experience is based on a solid foundation of ethics and good business practices.
We build greener formulations with a reduced ecological footprint, and we care about our environment throughout our manufacturing process from sourcing up to distribution.
We promote the usage of organic and natural ingredients as a major component in all our divisions.

Our Team